expansion plans

Avan operates within strategic expansion plans that aim to cover all regions of the Kingdom and work to serve its customers anywhere and at all times.

warehouse management service

If you own a warehouse or storage facility of your own and feel that it is not managed with the required efficiency, here comes the role of Avan through warehouse management services. The Avan supply chain management team can handle the tasks of managing your facility with high efficiency, reducing waste, making optimal use of the available space, selecting the appropriate equipment, reducing operating expenses, and enhancing standards and quality of services. Avan will manage the day-to-day operations, relying on its own warehouse management system, and all of its resources.

value added services
Avan can prepare your goods and perform procedures that bring them as close as possible to the "point of sale", in order to ensure that your orders are fulfilled more quickly and with minimal costs. Avan's value-added services include labeling, assembly and co-packing, and field services. Avan's value-added services include, but are not limited to:

common packaging
FMCG co-packing involves combining two or more products into a single salable package, which can include pressed plastic packaging of items, hermetically sealed, re-labelled, and repackaged. Basically, co-packing can be used for discounted items, gifts and promotional products.

Compilation of offers packages
Avan provides component assembly services for Mobile Card Offers packages, ranging from SIM insertion and instruction manuals to serial number labeling. The packages of this service can be designed and modified according to the requirements of different customers in the telecommunications sector

Fashion Sector Services
We provide you with everything needed to get your products ready for display in our showroom. All retail needs can be accomplished before the product in question leaves stock, including price tag, product tag stapling, steam ironing, electronic sensor addition, product folding and packaging.

field services
Avan provides logistic solutions at the customer's warehouse location, such as arranging and complete inventory of warehouse and showroom assets.

Standalone Application Development
Avan enables its customers and business partners to develop customized applications for specific services such as integrating the ID card printer software with the SIM card aggregation mechanism in order to print the SIM card serial number with its associated phone number.