Specialization and professionalism

Avan believes in specialization and branching out its services according to the needs of its customers. Avan has established three independent companies, under each specialized quality services company with independent brands.

international standards

Avan provides its services according to international standards in order to meet the needs of its current and future customers within an integrated series of services under the supervision of a specialized staff that ensures the performance of its tasks with high professionalism.

Avan recognizes the important role of warehousing within the broader cycle of the supply chain. Accordingly, Avan handles storage and management services for your inventory in its advanced logistics centers, where it offers guaranteed or fee-paid storage options to meet the needs of customers in various business sectors. Thanks to its advanced technologies, Avan ensures its customers to meet the requirements of warehousing and inventory management with high efficiency, and at the same time allows them to be informed of the status and levels of inventory, thus managing their purchases properly and improving the time of the cycle of their orders..